Published on: September 26, 2011

We are glad to report that Pallium India has entered into a new alliance with Child Family Health International (CFHI) for a cultural immersion program.

CFHI was started by Ms Evaleen Jones when she was a young student. It has grown to a very successful organization, and Pallium India is proud to be associated with CFHI, thanks to the introduction by Dr Jerina Kapoor, founder of Pallium India-USA.

Recently, two representatives from CFHI, Mr Steve Schmidbauer and Ms Hema Pandey spent a few days with us in Trivandrum before rushing off on their numerous projects in various parts of India.

They have reported on their visit at the CFHI blog, here’s an excerpt:

A Day in the Life – Implementing Palliative Care in India

Hema and Rajagopal on home visits

As we drove into some of the poorest communities in Southern India, Dr. Raj and his team, a nurse, a social worker, and a driver went about their routine. Patient files are reviewed as we travel in the van. The size of the patient files is notable. After Dr. Raj read the file a bit, he begins to tell us the context of the family we are about to see.

We get a succinct yet thorough description of the family composition and history. The level of detail is impressive and we even had a few questions about the family that Dr. Raj answered from the record.  I asked him when he last saw the family and he said that this was his first visit to them.

There are three other teams conducting home visits and so the family has been seen by the other teams in the past.  It is amazing to see the level of detail that is recorded from the home visit.  From these notes, other services from nutrition, to physical therapy, to social work are provided –all driven initially from the teams’ weekly or fortnightly visits.

Thank you, Steve and Hema!

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