Published on: September 5, 2011

Here is a piece of good news from the Developing World. The palliative care pioneer from Guatemala, Eva Rossina Duarte, writes to say:

I’m happy to let you know that, on Sept 21st we will start our first Palliative Care Specialization Study for Physicians at University of San Carlos, the public university in Guatemala.

I’m in the academic commission that organized it, I’ll be one of the professors and also a student.

In this first cohort, 25 Faculty of Medicine Professors will be invited to participate in order to start a palliative care network in public “school hospitals”, and in future introduce palliative care into doctors’ Medical careers.

We’ll invite also physicians that are working in Palliative Care already to recognize their practice.

We wish Eva and her colleagues at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala the best for this important study!

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