Thrissur | Published on: August 7, 2011

Farhin, 10, and Farhan, 8, are primary school students in Sharjah, UAE. After they and their father, Dr Shafi, heard about the difficulties faced by Kunnamkulam Pain and Palliative Care Society (Thrissur District, Kerala) Farhin and Farhan decided to do something about it.

With their own brand of fund-raising – they could draw and paint – the boys sold their drawings and paintings to their school mates and raised an amazing Rs 300,000!

Farhin (10) & Farhan (8) handing over their amazing donation!

Farhin and Farhan, as I write this, I am proud to be a citizen in the same country as you. You have taught us grown-ups a lesson. And in the process, perhaps you have learnt a lesson too; how much pleasure can be derived from doing some good to less fortunate neighbours.

May that spark of greatness of spirit live in you all your lives.

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