Kovalam | Published on: July 12, 2011

It does not matter whether you approach this proverb as a physical fact or as a philosophical statement. Alan and Val Phillips have given us a visible demonstration of the principle.

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India decided to withdraw small denomination coins of 25 paise or less. One could take the coins to the bank and encash them before a certain deadline, but friends, most of us would not bother, right?

Alan and Val Phillips

Alan and Val did something different. They had containers placed in many places where people were asked to drop their small denomination coins. Recently, they brought all the coins to us – quite a sackful!

We took it to the bank and got more than Rs1,300. That is not a small amount for us. It takes care of the palliative care expenses of a patient for about 10 days!

Alan reminds us that the members of the Rotary Club (Suburban) of Trivandrum and the foreigners living in and around Kovalam helped. Thank you all, dear friends.

Val and Alan have given us a lesson on the need to be innovative and, above all, shown that they care. THANK YOU!


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