Published on: July 24, 2011

CanKids…KidsCan in New Delhi organized a two day workshop on Pediatric Palliative Care Counseling on 15-16 July 2011.

Pallium India’s Senior Medical Social Worker Ms Aneeja Mariam Joseph from Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences, Dr Anjay Babu of CanKids and Ms Shalini Narayan from Fortis Hospital were key speakers at the program.

There were 45 attendees! Congratulations, CanKids team!

Ms. Aneeja Joseph

CanKids organized its 3rd Pediatric Palliative Care Workshop specifically focusing on counseling & communication in New Delhi, on the 15rd & 16th July, 2011.

This 3rd workshop was a step ahead towards improving our services specifically focusing on Pediatric Palliative counseling & communication to build a greater knowledge of current psychological care practices with a special focus on ways to promote the psychological well-being of child cancer patients and their families  in Indian setting.

Through this workshop, we explored the challenges most relevant to working with cancer-affected children in distress.

Dr. Anjay: "Breaking bad news"

The workshop was provided by experts like Ms. Aneeja Joseph (main speaker), MSW from Pallium India, Dr. Anjay B. Cankids Pediatric Palliative care physician, and Guest speaker Ms.Shalini Narayan, Psychologist, Fortis Hospital.  It was attended by 45 participants (approx.) from different organisations like CanKids, DNip Care, GCCI, Holy family hospital and other individuals.

The primary topics of discussion and highlights of the workshop were:

  • Understanding what palliative care is all about: “It’s not about dying, It’s about helping children and families to live to their fullest while facing complex medical conditions” or “Adding life to days rather than adding days to life”
  • The concept of Pain and incorporating counseling in pain management “Pain is under-reported, under recognised and often under-treated, but We Can Change These”
  • How to disclose/break the bad news for “how you tell it makes a lot of difference”
  • Bereavement Care – how to deal with it & do’s and don’ts.

Also sessions on when to reach the experts/hand over the case, Self care – “Look Within Yourself” or burnout were much sort after and appreciated by the attendees.

Workshop Attendees

The workshop was a huge success and a great learning experience for all the attendees as one of our  participant from DNip care provided us his feedback saying “It was an excellent experience, while I learnt the basic facts about preparing/equipping the care givers or volunteers to take care of the patients.”

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