Published on: March 17, 2011

Kerala Drug Controller’s office has always been immensely supportive of palliative care. During the five years after 1994, they saw us through those difficult areas of a complex licensing process.

They then took the initiative, with total support from the Health Secretary Mr Vijayachandran, to simplify the narcotic regulations of Kerala, from day one putting in a simple “standard operating procedure”. The procedures were improved on later, and to this day they help us by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of oral morphine.

But none of this prepared us for the latest! Our representative, Mr Chandran went to the Drug Control Office to collect an urgently needed document for procurement of oral morphine. He not only got the document, but also brought back a personal donation in the form of a bank instruction to pay a monthly amount to Pallium India.

This wonderful gesture came from Mr Oommen Thomas, a Superintendent in the Drugs Controller’s office. We rang him up to thank him; but he waved our thanks aside, saying:

I am only sad that I am unable to do much more.

  • If Mr Thomas’ actions have inspired you, please take a look at our Donations page…

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