Mumbai | Published on: January 27, 2011

Why should a busy surgeon in Mumbai, who has to run a hospital, help manage the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, teach as a visiting professor at the famous Tata Institute of Social Studies, indulge also in palliative care?

That is what Dr Nobhojit Roy does. Why? Because he sees it as a pressing social need. He cannot bear to see the needless suffering and do nothing!

Dr Nobhojit Roy

Dr Nobhojit Roy looks after the health care needs of a population of 100,000 people – employees and families – covered by his organisation’s medical care program – a system designed like the UK‘s National Health Service.

It shows that it is indeed possible to have a system of socialized health care system in a developing country; and what is more, that it can incorporate palliative care.

Thank you, Dr Roy, for providing a model to emulate!