Published on: November 7, 2010

In relation to disease, what was the worst incident of pain and suffering or the impact of relief that you ever came across?

Either as a health care professional, volunteer, patient or a relative or on-looker?

If you would like to write about it, we would like to offer you a platform to tell it to the world.

Why should you?

If you are a health care professional or volunteer, writing your experience down has the potential to improve your self-awareness and your awareness of your patients’ humanity through recording their stories.

There is also the pleasure of contributing to a body of knowledge that can be a powerful tool in advocacy and may some day help to change institutional or Governmental policies. You will also get a publication in an international scientific, peer reviewed, indexed (Medline/PubMed, EMBASE, CINAHL and others)  journal, the Journal of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy (JPPCP) published from the UK.

If you are interested in sharing your experience, please contact us here…

You may find the instructions for authors on the journal website helpful.

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