Published on: October 10, 2010

Mrs. X was in tears. Her husband has gone through three cancers: a non-Hogdkin’s lymphoma, then a Hodgkins lymphoma and finally a malignant melanoma.

She herself has just gone through colonic surgery –  and she has three children to take care of.

“Is this suffering any less than the suffering from incurable diseases in India?”, Dr. Amit Sood asks.

Dr Amit Sood

Dr Amit Sood heads the department of Integrative Medicine at the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

The department undertakes serious research in Mind-Body Medicine and studies various complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) forms of therapy.

Amit says that meditation and acupuncture are the CAM modalities best supported by evidence. With the meditation training the department provides, Mrs. X is able to cope with her situation.

Amit runs a course at Mayo on Mind-Body Medicine and has published a book called “Train your mind, Engage your heart, Transform your life.”.

We hope to work with Amit to adapt his techniques so that they can be put to good use in India.

The Mayo Clinic even has an iPhone app to help with meditation:

Mayo Clinic Meditation is a clinically validated method of meditation you can easily practice using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Developed by Mayo Clinic, this meditation program will help you feel more focused and relaxed throughout your day.

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