Published on: October 5, 2010

Nancy Hinds is a palliative care pioneer in Fresno, California. She founded the Hinds Hospice which leads palliative care delivery in the region.

It would have been easy for Nancy to do the job in Fresno and to be satisfied with that. But she chose to look beyond her territory and to look at suffering elsewhere. Last month saw her leading a conference, “Hospice and Palliative Care in the Global Community“, which focused on palliative care in developing countries.

Participants from developed and developing countries worked together to share experiences and to develop an action plan for future action.

Nancy’s gang, as the group was fondly nicknamed at the conference, is set to go places.

Thank you Nancy and gang, for all that you have set out to do.

One response to “Focus on Palliative Care in Developing Countries”

  1. Sunshine Mugrabi says:

    Agreed — Nancy Hinds is a wonder. It was a great pleasure and honor to meet all of the participants at the conference, Pallium India most certainly included. The work you are doing in India clearly makes a difference to all those individuals who need access to pain medications and quality care.