Published on: May 10, 2010

… see palliative care practised at the highest level with limited resources was inspirational.

The April issue of Australia Palliative Link International newsletter features mostly India.

Several authors write about their experiences in Trivandrum, Trichy and Delhi. In the issue:

  • Developing collaborations with Pallium India and APLI – Dr Odette Spruyt
  • Palliative Study Tour – Dr Anil Tandon
  • Reflections on Trichy Palcon 2010 – Dr Sok Hui GOH
  • Impressions of TIPS at Trivandrum – Dr Judith McEniery
  • A student visit to TIPS – Teresa McEniery
  • Mapping the CanSupport Journey – Harmala Gupta
  • Palliative Care Snapshot – Dr Naveen Salin

If you are an Indian, it helps to see how others view this country.

If you are not, well, this may prepare you to understand our problems on the palliative care front a bit better.

Click here to download APLI’s April Newsletter…

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