Published on: February 25, 2010

The ugly face of politics twists and distorts issues. In the current American controversy, palliative care seems to be (deliberately?) confused with euthanasia.

Thank Heavens there are some clear headed people. Please see the touching video featuring Keith Olbermann on US TV, you cannot afford to miss it!

A Special Comment From My Father

I’m focusing on one thing in tonight’s Comment. The night my father asked me to stop his treatment. All Americans should be able to make medical decisions free of worry about cost…

This is not the central fact around which tomorrow’s health care summit at Blair House will, or should, revolve. But I’d like it on the record somewhere that I asked all those going there, including the President, to think more about people like my father – patients, in our hospitals, at this moment – and less about elections and political points and “crashing the party.” – Read the full transcript here…

Watch another Special Comment: “Respecting pain and patient”