Sl No. Name and address Contact details
1. Chandigarh Post-Graduate Institute of
Medical Education & Research (PGIMER),
Dept of Radiotherapy,
Chandigarh 160012
Services: OP / IP / Home care.
Specialised in: All categories (cancer, non-cancer, pediatric, other)
Morphine: available

Dr. Minnie Arora
Contact : 9815555424

2. Chandigarh Palliative Care Service,
Chandigarh Hospice,
Municipal Dispensary Building
Sector 43A, Chandigarh
Services: OP / IP / Home care.
Specialised in: Cancer
Morphine: available

Dr Firuza Patel
Mobile: +91 97791 24440

3. Government Medical College & Hospital (GMCH),
Sector 32, Chandigarh-30
Services: OP / IP.
Specialised in: Cancer, Non-Cancer & Pediatric
Morphine: available

Dr. Sukanya Mitra
Department of Anesthesiology
Phone : 9646121521

Dr Awadhesh Kumar Pandey,
Professor & Head,
Department of Radiation Oncology.
Phone: 9646121701
4. Dr Vanita Ahuja
Room number 521,
Dept of Anaesthesia,
D block, Level 5,
Sector 32, Chandigarh
Services: OP / IP
Specialised in: Cancer & Non-cancer
Morphine: available

Dr Vanita Ahuja
Phone: 9646121649

5. Palliative Peace,
No. 348,
Sector 37-A,
Services: Tele OPD / IP / Home care.
Specialised in: Cancer & Non-cancer
Morphine: not available

Mr. Avtar Singh
Dr Sanchia Dilna Vaz
Ph: 7986609911, 8800788997

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