Published on: March 16, 2024

On February 8, 2024, a group representing palliative care nurses successfully hosted a Pre-Conference Workshop, during the 31st International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPCON 2024) at GCRI in Ahmedabad.

This workshop, titled “Symptom Assessment and Management in Palliative Care: Empowering Nurses for Optimal Patient Comfort” was specifically tailored for nurses, focusing on Symptom Assessment and Management in Palliative Care, to enhance nurses’ skills for ensuring optimal patient comfort. The workshop attracted 30 participants from various regions across India.

The coordination of the workshop was overseen by Dr. A. Latha, with facilitation provided by a diverse panel of experts, including Lt. Alice Stella (Retd), Lt. Col. Lovely Antony (Retd), Dr. A. Latha herself, Ms. Anu Savio Thelly, Mrs. Sheeba R.S, Mrs. Sangeetha N, Mr. Prince VV, Mrs. Anna Rao, and Mr. Sajan V.S.

The workshop format comprised Case-Based Collaborative Learning Activities, focusing on the assessment and management of diverse symptoms encountered in palliative care settings. These included pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, anorexia, bowel obstruction, cough, dyspnea, spinal cord compression, seizures, delirium, superior vena cava obstruction, pressure ulcers, lymphedema, hemorrhage, as well as care for bedridden patients, encompassing oral care, neurogenic bladder, bowel and bladder incontinence, and wound management.

Participants were divided into small groups of 3-4 individuals and engaged in case study discussions and presentations, utilizing methodologies such as role play, panel discussions, and presentations. Following these presentations, experts delivered talks on specific topics, followed by an interactive question-and-answer session where participants actively engaged. Pre and post-tests were administered online, demonstrating a significant improvement from the pretest results, underscoring the effectiveness of the workshop.

Feedback from participants further validated the success of the workshop, expressing gratitude to the organizers for providing a platform to exchange experiences and insights in caring for palliative care patients.

(Prepared by Dr. A. Latha, Faculty, College of Nursing, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur.)

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