Published on: December 7, 2023

We are excited to share the insightful outcomes of Project Hamrahi’s recent collaboration at Mohandai Oswal Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab. This initiative brought a team of Australian experts, including Dr. David Brumley, Palliative Care Physician; Ms. Penelope Tuffin, Consultant Pharmacist; and Ms. Joan Ryan, Palliative Care Nurse Consultant, for a 10-day visit accompanied by Pallium India’s Regional Facilitator, Dr. Jatin Bhukal, and guided by Dr. Navish David, who heads the palliative care department at Mohandai Oswal Hospital, aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and practical support.

The collaborative spirit was palpable during their stay, with each expert bringing a unique set of skills and insights to the table. Dr. David Brumley’s daily ward visits became a cornerstone of the educational experience. His personalized interactions with patients seeking palliative care not only provided crucial medical insights but also offered compassionate support, leaving a lasting impact on both patients and the hospital staff.

Joan Ryan’s focus on nursing supervision and staff nurses enriched the hospital’s nursing community. Through targeted discussions and practical advice, she contributed to enhancing the quality of palliative care at the grassroots level.

Penelope Tuffin’s engagement with the pharmacy filled with suggestions and recommendations of involvement of pharmacists with patients and doctors provided the hospital pharmacists with a new approach in compassionate care for the patients and their families.

The educational front saw comprehensive lectures reaching various stakeholders, including nursing staff, doctors, and postgraduate DNB residents. This holistic approach aimed to create a ripple effect, ensuring that the benefits of their expertise extended beyond the duration of their stay.

Beyond the hospital, the team’s outreach extended CT University, where Dr. Navish explained about the concept of palliative care and the experts gave educational and interactive sessions to the allied health and paramedical students. Pallium India’s approach in providing comprehensive care to patients was also presented by our Regional Facilitator Dr. Jatin Bhukal. The team also went to Civil Hospital Ludhiana. Interacting with key individuals from different NGOs working in the community, they highlighted the significance of community engagement and volunteering in palliative care. Pallium India’s work in the community was highlighted during these discussions, inviting collaboration for community awareness and engagement initiatives.

In the midst of these impactful sessions, the last days witnessed a touch of light-heartedness as the APLI team was congratulated for Australia’s Cricket World Cup victory. This shared joy added an element of friendship, further strengthening the bonds forged during their stay.

As we reflect on the success of Project Hamrahi at Mohandai Oswal Hospital, it becomes evident that the collaboration between APLI, Pallium India, and the local healthcare community has not only enhanced the hospital’s palliative care landscape but has set the stage for sustained improvements in healthcare delivery. The learnings and connections fostered during this initiative promise a lasting legacy in the journey toward comprehensive and compassionate palliative care in India.

Project Hamrahi (‘Hamrahi’ means fellow-traveler) is a collaborative venture between Pallium India and Australia Palliative Link International (APLI).

(Prepared by Dr Jatin Bhukal, Regional Facilitator, Pallium India.)

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