Published on: December 29, 2023

(From left: Rajendra, Syed, Jatin, Lalit, Shalini, Rontu)

This year, we celebrated the 20th birthday of Pallium India. 20 compassionate years of “Walking with the Weary”. In these 20 years, under the guidance of Dr. Rajagopal and his team, Pallium has spread its wings around all regions across the country with its work in palliative care. We have friends and well wishers, who are our partners, collaborators & experts of their regions, working in this field in the same spirit as Pallium. 

Pallium India’s Regional Facilitators (RFs) are the local connections to these regional experts. This Facilitation team came together to showcase our presence across the country by donning their traditional dresses, singing the songs of their cities and dancing together for an integral Pallium India.

The performance started with North East…

Rontu Sangma, Regional Facilitator from NorthEast, based out of Guwahati in Assam, was wearing an Assamese gamcha and a Nagamese jacket, representing two states of his region – Assam & Nagaland. He chose a famous song of legendary singer from Assam – Bharat Ratna awardee, Mr. Bhupen Hazarika – Asom Amaar Rupohi. The song talks about the beautiful land of Assam.

From the North East, we went to the North…

Rajendra Dutt Bijalwan, Regional Facilitator from North, based out of Dehradun in Uttrakhand, wore the traditional attire of Uttarakhand – short kurta with pyjama, jacket and the traditional cap. He dance to the tune of a folk song – Gailya Dhanuli – of state of Uttrakhand also called Dev Bhoomi (Land of Gods).

Then we came to the Heart of the country, the capital city…

Mohammad Syed Askari Naqvi, Regional Facilitator based out of Delhi, wore a Sherwani, a royal ceremonial dress of Delhi. He first presented shayri – poems in Urdu – blending romance and people ailing with the disease called Love. Then he danced for the city of Delhi on the famous song from the movie Delhi 6 – Yeh Dilli hai Mere Yaar, Bus Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar – It says that Delhi is a city of Passion, Romance and Love.

Close to Delhi, we ventured into the land of Bhangra…

Dr. Jatin Bhukal, Regional Facilitator from Chandigarh, stole the show by dancing Bhangra in a traditional Punjabi kurta pyajama on the famous song of Kala Chashma talking about black goggles that suit so well on the face of a girl from Chandigarh. 

From the North, we came down to the South…

S. Lalit, our Regional Facilitator from Chennai, donning the veshti and shirt, danced on the famous number of actor Vijay – Kokkara Kokkarako – a song meant to cheer up a friend actually cheered up the entire gathering of Pallium India.

The performance ended with the dance on popular Malayalam song Jimiki Kamal – a fun song talking about the fun duels of mom-dad at home. Shalini, the Head of Facilitation, based out of Trivandrum – represented Kerala by wearing an Onam saree.

The entire Facilitation team, along with the entire Pallium India gathering, had a lovely time dancing and sharing these joyous moments.

(Written by Shalini AJ, Head – National Facilitation, Pallium India.)

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