Published on: June 5, 2023

Renal Palliative care refers to advanced medical care that specializes in relieving pain and improving quality of life in patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD).

With the increase in number of patients suffering with chronic kidney disease it turns out to be essential for medical professionals to understand this specialty that works as supportive care along with the primary line of therapy.

Pallium India was fortunate to organise a webinar on renal palliative care.  We were able to bring the stalwart in Nephro care – Dr Frank Brennan (Palliative Care Physician, Department of Nephrology, St George Hospital, Australia) for the session.

“CKD is a burdening problem and often patients suffer silently, I would like to know how to guide the patients with renal failure, and their caregivers to be physically stable and mentally positive with minimum intervention and hospitalisation,” said a participant.

The webinar was attended by 167 medical professionals. The expert presentation was for 40 minutes followed by an interactive 25 minutes of Q&A. It was inspiring to see very practical symptom management questions put forward by palliative care professionals to the expert, and which was answered generously by Dr Brennan. We were happy to enlighten all on the need of renal palliative care.

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