Published on: June 29, 2023

Every year, June is observed as Aphasia Awareness Month. To commemorate this, Pallium India, along with the unit of Acquired Neuro Communication Disorders, Department of ASLP (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology), NISH (National Institute for Speech and Hearing) conducted Aphasia Camp on 21st and 23rd of June 2023 at Pallium India. The theme of this year’s aphasia awareness month is “TALK ABOUT APHASIA”.

Aphasia is a disorder that affects how people communicate. It can impact your speech, as well as the way a person writes and understands both spoken and written language. Aphasia usually happens suddenly following a stroke or a head injury. However, it can also come on gradually from a slow growing brain tumor or a due to any degenerative and progressive conditions. The main treatment for aphasia involves treating the condition that causes it, as well as speech and language therapy. The person with aphasia relearns and practices language skills and learns to use other ways to communicate.

Seven members from NISH including faculties and students (Ms. Preethy Susan Reni, Dr. Vineetha Sara Philip, Ms. Sarah Subhash, Ms. Jophia Sunny, Ms. Nandhana, Ms. Brengana, Ms. Adhitya) were present and done consultation to identify speech abnormalities and aphasia related problems. Around 16 beneficiaries attended the camp from different link centres of Pallium India, during these two days.

(Report prepared by Mr James Das, Section head – Physiotherapy, Pallium India)

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