Published on: January 28, 2023
Opioid workshop with Meghalaya Drugs Department

Only 35% of patients requiring palliative care are afflicted with cancer. The rest includes those with life-limiting ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, AIDS, diabetes etc. Further, less than 4% of the Indian population with life-limiting illnesses have access to essential pain and symptom relief measures.

Meghalaya has a current population of approximately 34.4 lakhs spread over 11 districts. Meghalaya holds the first place in the country in tobacco-related cancer. The state holds the 2nd place among males and 11th among females. Pain is the commonest problem associated with many diseases including cancer. Excruciating pain cannot be effectively treated without palliative care including access to essential opioid medicines like morphine. 

For these reasons, it has been a huge initiative taken by the State Drug Department to have an Opioid Workshop conducted by Pallium India in January 2023. It’s also the very first time in India we had Drugs Inspector participation in Opioid Workshop from all the districts of Meghalaya. This effort will surely and further relieve the burden of pain and suffering in the state of Meghalaya.

(Prepared by Rontu Sangma, Regional Coordinator NE – State Facilitation, Pallium India.)

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