Published on: December 6, 2022
Pallium India represented at NVTG Conference Decolonising Global Health 2022

Pallium India was represented at the 2022 Decolonising Global Health Symposium on 24th November at Amsterdam. Jointly organised by NVTG (The Dutch Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health) and KCGH (Kenniscentrum Global Health), the symposium has addressed diverse themes related to equity and justice in global health and development each year since 2006.

Dr.Gopukrishnan Pillai’s abstract on the topic of “The Case for more culturally-sensitive Palliative Care in the Global South” was presented as an oral poster by Dr.Iniofon Inyang. The submission called attention to the challenges faced by PC organisations in the Global South, and called for a greater role for expertise and experiences from the developing world in academia and policy-making for PC. Being more open to the specific constraints and challenges within which PC has to be organised and delivered in low and middle income countries is necessary to identify solutions that are not only more appropriate culturally but also are more sustainable financially.

Our gratitude to NVTG and KCGH for giving us the opportunity, to Dr Iniofon Inyang for presenting the poster and to Dr Gopukrishnan Pillai for preparing the submission.

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