Published on: September 10, 2022

Dr Harjot Singh, Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health Sciences & Hospice, Amritsar, Punjab, writes:

Under the guidance of Dean Dr A P Singh, Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health Sciences hosted two days CME on 26th and 27th July 2022, to commemorate World Head & Neck Cancer Day.

World Head & Neck Cancer Day is observed to bring awareness in general public about Head & Neck Cancer. Dr Paramjot Bindra emphasised the Role of Palliative care in Head and Neck Cancer and Dr Harjot Singh, Dr Paramjot Bindra, Dr Manisha Nagpal and Dr Manpreet Kaur organised Workshop on Benefits of Early referral to Palliative Care. Dr Harjot Singh and Dr Paramjot Bindra are doctors trained by Pallium India’s Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS).  

Dr. G.K. Rath, Head, National Cancer Institute, Ex-Chief Professor, Radiation Oncology threw light on Oral Cancer Scenario in India and highlighted how ‘TOBACCO’ is causing havoc. He said India has a high disease burden of head & neck cancers. Oral cancer which is the most common cancer in males and the 4th most common cancer in females in our country is a type of head neck cancer. He said Head and neck cancer can be cured if detected early and treated adequately in a timely manner. He added that multidisciplinary management by site-specific oncologists has shown the best outcomes.

Dr. Mani A Kuriakose, an internationally acclaimed surgeon also graced the occasion and said that head neck cancer in India poses significant health and economic burden as it is increasingly affecting our youth. He said more and more young people are becoming victims of this deadly disease thus affecting the most productive years of their lives. He said Indian males develop head neck cancer one or two decades earlier when compared to a western population where it is typically the disease of the elderly. He said we must raise awareness about it.

Dr Jaskaran Singh (State In-charge Officer, NPPC NHM Punjab) and Dr Bhanu Bhardwaj were the organising secretary for the conference. Dr Navneet Bhullar, a palliative care enthusiast who was introduced to SGRD by Pallium India, attended the session as well.

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