Published on: September 19, 2022

On 25 August 2022, Pallium India organized an online workshop on Opioid Availability in Punjab, with support from Mr Sanjeev Garg, Joint Commissioner FDA Punjab.

21 participants attended the session including Mr Rohit Kalra, DCO (Drug Control Officer) Punjab and ten doctors from the private sector.

In collaboration with Mrs Ritu Sahay (Director Director, State Drug Control Directorate – SDCD, Jharkhand) and Dr Sujit Kumar (Joint Director, SDCD Jharkhand), Pallium India organised an online workshop on Opioid availability in Jharkhand on September 5, 2022.

32 participants were present, including Mrs Ritu Sahay, Dr LR Pathak (In-charge Officer NCD, NHM Jharkhand) and around twenty doctors from government & private sectors in Jharkhand.

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