Published on: November 28, 2021

Pallium India is privileged to be associated with the new hospice that has come up 25 kms away from Golden Temple, Amritsar. This hospice is run by Sri Guru Ram Das Hospital Trust Amritsar, the same trust that manages the functionalities of the Golden Temple.

Dr. Harjot Singh (Associate professor in Dept. of Community Medicine and Consultant Pain Management & Palliative Care) and Dr. Paramjot Bindra (Operations and HR Manager), along with a dedicated team, have led this initiative of opening a hospice in the Gurudwara. Pallium India’s Regional Coordinator, Rajendra Dutt Bijalwan, has been working closely with Dr. Harjot and Dr. Paramjot to provide all possible support and information needed to open a new palliative care service.

Palliative care team, SGRD Hospice, Amritsar

Dr Harjot Singh was introduced to palliative care in 2019 when he joined the international fellowship in palliative care at Institute of palliative medicine, WHOCC, Kozhikode, Calicut. He says, “I hail from Amritsar, Punjab, where access to palliative care for everyone who requires it is still a challenge, let alone access to geriatric or pediatric palliative care. After getting sufficient hands-on training and experience, we started Dr Sri Guru Ram Das Home Based Palliative Care Services in Rural Amritsar, Punjab region. We also established the first hospice in Village Mallunangal, Amritsar, to cater to a population of 32756 among 11 villages.”

Dr Paramjot Bindra said, “I always wanted to do something for the elderly. Moreover, working in tertiary care along with Cancer hospital as Operations Head, I used to see patients with terminal illnesses in the premises or at times, coming alone to the hospital. My journey in Palliative care started in 2019 after I attended Foundation Course in Palliative Care from Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health Sciences in collaboration with Institute of Palliative Medicine, WHOCC, Kozhikode, Kerala. I wish to serve the needy and give them a ray of hope in darkness, with the help of Palliative care.”

Pallium India wishes Sri Guru Ram Das Hospice the very best and we hope to continue working together.

Report prepared by Rajendra Bijalwan and Shalini AJ, State Facilitation Team, Pallium India

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