World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2019

2019 June 27

This year’s World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is on October 12, 2019.

The theme for this year’s palliative care day is: Palliative Care: it’s “My Care, My Right”.

The theme My Care, My Right aims to communicate that palliative care can be demanded by the public – and that, together, every person impacted by a life limiting illness can influence their policy makers to prioritize palliative care financing under Universal Health Coverage.

This year’s WHPCD 2019 comes on the heels of the UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) on 23 September. Therefore, a key action for the campaign will be to call on governments to listen to people who need or access palliative care and support the inclusion of the essential package of palliative care in all national Universal Health Coverage (UHC) schemes.

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2 Responses
  1. Pranab Kumar Basu permalink
    July 20, 2019

    Thanks to Pallium India for posting this . The theme Palliative Care: It’s “My care, My right” is really appropriate. In India only 2 percent patients with life-threatening disease access to palliative care which reveals the fact how poor scenario is . The patient with life ending disease must have the right to live better quality of life and dignified peaceful death. Government should have the feeling and empathy for the need of the patients and positive planning must be taken and executed in the interest of the patients undergoing palliative care, so that the patients under poor pecuniary conditions may come under Universal Health Coverage.
    World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on 12 October,2019 should be honoured taking an oath to reach out all patients with life-threatening disease facilitating the access of palliative care and Universal Health Coverage scheme.

  2. Runa Mitra permalink
    July 21, 2019

    Pallium India for posting ,The theme Palliative Care: It’s “My care, My right” is really good thinking. Because every patient has own opinion how to take care himself or herself and also they have right to how they live their end of life .

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