Mr Rajeev Sadanandan IAS bids farewell to Kerala

2019 May 31
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The head of the executive in Government of Kerala, Mr Rajeev Sadanandan IAS, retires from Government of Kerala.

The achievements in the field of Health in Kerala during his tenure were many, as part of the team with the Health Minister of Kerala, Smt. Shailaja Teacher. His role has been phenomenal in the dramatic improvements in the Government’s primary health care, the control of the Nipah outbreak, and the superb handling of the recent floods in the state.

Seen here during the farewell on 30 May 2019, flanked by the finance minister Mr Thomas Isaac (right) and the health minister. Also seen in the picture (left) is Dr B. Ekbal, member of the State Planning Board and former vice chancellor of the Kerala University.

Dr Rajan Khobragade IAS takes over the leadership of the department of Health in his place. Dr Khobragade was one of the chief architects of the Palliative Care Policy of the Government of Kerala which was declared in 2008.

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