Don’t miss reading this book.

2016 March 27
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When Breath Becomes AirPaul Kalanithi, neurosurgeon, writer and a great human being, died of cancer in March 2015. He died young, having just completed his senior residency. He wrote “When Breath Becomes Air” while under treatment. Don’t miss it; it teaches life’s precious lessons. And death’s.

“I had”, Paul wrote, “traversed the five stages of grief – the “Denial → Anger → Bargaining → Depression → Acceptance” cliché – but I had done it all backward…….And now finally, may be, I had arrived at Denial. Maybe total denial.”

But not really. That denial was not final. He learnt acceptance and died, looking death in the face, leaving behind his loving wife Lucy and eight month old daughter Cady.

Lucy writes in the epilogue, “I expected to feel only empty and heartbroken after Paul died. It never occurred to me that you could love someone the same way after he was gone.”

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