Important Strides in UAE’s Palliative Care scene

2016 January 25
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Abu DhabiIt is curious that the Middle East does not have much palliative care – curious because in the rest of the world, though it is a relatively low-cost affair, palliative care access is best in affluent countries. The Middle East has no dearth of money; yet there is a vast ocean of health -related suffering.

Let us forget the possible reasons. Some good things seem to be happening, with the Universal hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE, taking the lead. On 22 January, 2016, a one-day palliative care educational program was organized by Dr Shabeer Nellikode and team, with Dr Sakshi Sadhu acting as the anchor. The faculty included doctors and nurses from UK, USA and India. Notable luminaries were Dr S. H. Advani, the famous oncologist from Mumbai, Dr Simon Dein from the UK and Dr Haroon Choudhri , who was named one of the top ten doctors in USA.

At present, the Tavam Hospital at Alain, UAE appears to have the only effective palliative care unit in the whole country. As in every other country, UAE has its own multiple barriers to access to pain relief.

Best Wishes to Dr Shabeer Nellikode and team for creating a sea change by bringing in palliative care to change the health care scene for the better.

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