Published on: October 23, 2014

Nazeem BeegumNazeem Beegum’s book “My Mother Did Not Go Bald” has been getting positive reviews since its release in September.

The Hindu, in a review titled “Living in the shadow of the big C” writes that “The honesty on each page is what makes this work different… Nazeem’s words paint the harsh picture of patients living in the company of death and pain while their relatives try to make sense of the new realities thrown up by the emperor of maladies.” ( Read the review in The Hindu )

In its review titled “Song From the Broken Heart“, The New Indian Express calls “My Mother Did Not Go Bald” a compelling read. “Nazeem’s narrations strike a chord with those who go from being shell-shocked to numb in the matter of days, when a terminal disease hits their loved ones.” ( Read the review in the New Indian Express )

Copies of “My Mother Did Not Go Bald” are available for sale at Pallium India reception, Arumana Hospital, Trivandrum for Rs. 100. The book can also be purchased from Amazon and DC Books store.

The kind author has announced that all proceeds from the sale shall come to Pallium India for supporting people who need care.

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