Meet a palliative care professional

2013 October 23
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Meet Lyden, a palliative care professional working at Kobacker house, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
photoHe works from morning to evening, spending time with inpatients and offering companionship. If you think he looks a bit somber, well, it is just his bedside manner. He has a home which he shares with one of his human colleagues, and once he gets out of his blue uniform he transforms himself to a playful dog, full of life.
We may not really make this happen in India yet, but many palliative care facilities have a lesson to learn from the thought.  It is not just enough to offer patients a home and symptom control; they need whole-person care. And some companionship and warmth can never be provided by the best of medicines.
Mentors and participants at the Leadership Development Initiative organized by Dr Frank Ferris and colleagues had the opportunity of visiting Kobacker house and of course, of meeting Lyden. Beautiful facility!

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