Jiv Daya Family meets again in Delhi

2013 September 22
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photo(6)As a young idealistic doctor doing research in USA, Dr Vinay Jain had struggled to get proper treatment for his mother. Later, when he could afford to, he, with his wife, founded Jiv Daya Foundation (Dallas, USA) and spends his family’s money to help the suffering people in India.
In just a small number of years, Jiv Daya Foundation has developed an enormous network of 20 palliative care centers all over India.  The Foundation helps them with capacity building by funding a doctor, a nurse and a social worker-cum-data entry person and also provides them with equipment and mentoring for proper documentation. Participants representing all the centers got together at Delhi for an annual review on 21-22 September 2013. It was heart-warming to see that so much was happening all over the country.
Pallium India thanks you and your team, dear Dr Vinay Jain, for all that you are doing for us.

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