Published on: May 27, 2012

Pallium India is privileged to have struck up an alliance with Child Family Health International (CFHI). It is difficult to believe that this remarkably successful organization was founded by a medical student (Ms Evaleen Jones) many years ago.

Through CFHI, we had the privilege of having four pre-medical students from USA with us for a month. Here are some words that some of them had to say about their time with us.

– “My time here has so far been quite therapeutic in some way and I feel that me coming here was not only to learn about palliative care but also about myself.”

– “…what we’ve been learning from you and Pallium India about dying patients in the ICU and the PTSD it causes not only for the patients but for the families. I love the one quote about how palliate care adds life to their days, not days to their life”.

– “I’m still so amazed at how we all get along in class and at the hospital; we’re all so different yet somehow we connect in that we are in this program together and facing the same things”

– “I speak for myself, as well as the other girls, when I say that we are in the presense of great company at Pallium India.”

Maggie, Nicole, Lindsey and Alex at Pallium India (click for more of CFHI's India photos)

Thank you dear Alex, Lindsey, Maggie and Nicole. We truly enjoyed having you with us. Thank you for your kind words and for putting up with our inadequacies and inconveniences.

Thanks also: to Ms Hema Pandey for being there for them and for us, to Evaleen, and Jerina for the connection.

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