Published on: April 30, 2012

From The Hindu April 20,2012 – Comfort zone for children with debilitating diseases:

Three-year-old Diya laughed delightfully as Sithara, her physician, tickled her.

‘Again,’ she demanded, holding out her hands. As peals of her laughter rang out, the happiness and relief on her mother’s face was palpable.

Two months ago, little Diya could not sit up or even lift her hands because myopathy had weakened her skeletal muscles. Today, she sits up on her mother’s lap to play with toys, thanks to the efforts at pain management and continued physiotherapy.

It is only a few months since the palliative care service started at S.A.T Hospital in Government Medical College, Trivandrum, but already it is becoming an important part of our lives in Pallium India.

We thank Dr Elizabeth (Superintendent), Dr Lalitha Kailas (Head of Pediatrics), Dr Mohammed Kunju (Head of Pediatric Neurology), Dr Kalpana, Dr Hariprasad and everyone else at S.A.T Hospital for giving us the privilege of working with them.

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