Published on: April 30, 2012

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Short Film 48 of 50 in the LIFE Before Death documentary series about the global crisis in untreated pain and the dramatic life changing affect palliative care services can deliver to patients and their families around the world.

In “Going Out in Style” we discover how much can be achieved toward the end of life.

“At work we do at the hospice, every life is precious and sacred,” explains Irene Chan (Singapore). “Despite the limitations, a lot can be achieved during this period of time. The role of the hospice is to help patients and their families to reach that potential. It is a privilege to witness the courage, love and strength to rise above the occasion that our patients and families have shown us. I think that’s the greatest gift to us.”

“Hospice care is a very holistic way of approaching the person,” reflects Dr Yew Seng Tan (Singapore). “That means we consider the other domains of care such as the psychological, social, emotion and spiritual aspects of care. We include as a matter of principle the family.”

“For someone who’s facing end of life issues, really if we were to focus on death — there is really only one type of death — there’s nothing much we can do about death. But if we are to focus on life — that’s powerful.”

Featuring: Irene Chan (Singapore), Dr Yew Seng Tan (Singapore), Soon Ai Heng (Singapore), Lucy (Singapore), Yang (Singapore).

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The LIFE Before Death feature film was premiered on 1 February 2012 in Singapore.

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