Published on: April 12, 2012

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Short Film 46 of 50 in the LIFE Before Death documentary series about the global crisis in untreated pain and the dramatic life changing affect palliative care services can deliver to patients and their families around the world.

In this we discover how the original score was conceived and composed for the feature film LIFE Before Death.

“It’s a film about palliative care and it also touches on the issue of pain relief, or the lack thereof, around the world,” explains composer Adam Starr (Australia).

“With a story like this a composer has a couple of challenges. One of which is to imbue the subject matter with warmth, positively and affirmation, to make sure that the tone of the music is not overly dark,” continues Starr. “The story of the film is quite uplifting. There’s a lot of dignity, bravery and affirmative outlook.”

Featuring: Adam Starr (Australia), Mary Callaway (USA), Charlotte Komunda (Uganda), Joyce (Uganda), Jaryl (Singapore), Bernard (Singapore).

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The LIFE Before Death feature film was premiered on 1 February 2012 in Singapore.

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