Published on: December 20, 2009

The public, as well as the medical and legal professions, continue to be confused about the distinction between euthanasia and withdrawal of life support in the face of futility of treatment.

Aruna Shanbaug, a nurse in Mumbai, has been paralysed and considered “brain-dead” since she was attacked by a rapist in November 1973.

Pinki Virani, a journalist who has authored a book on Aruna, has filed a case before the Supreme Court of India asking for permission to end Aruna‟s life.

The BBC report goes on to say that “The court will examine if the plea is “akin to euthanasia”.

The medical communities, and particularly palliative care experts, have a responsibility to clear the confusion.

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Thank you Dr Charu Singh, for bringing this to our attention.

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