A Cancer Centre with a heart: Kudos, Dr Raghunadha Rao!

2017 August 30

What would you do if you were an oncologist and were given 77 acres in a beautiful valley in Vishakhapatnam and asked to build a cancer centre?

You would get a good architect, good engineering team, select and order the right equipment, look for the best staff, and start constructing, wouldn’t you?

Most people would. But not Dr Raghunadha Rao. He did all that, but at the same time, he also started seeing patients. Often, with the patient under a tree, an I.V. infusion set hanging from a low branch. Then he brought in portable cabins made out of discarded containers.

That is not all. He also brought in one of the best palliative care physicians in the country, Dr Vidya Viswanath, and simply integrated palliative care into cancer care.

May your tribe increase, Dr Raghunadha Rao.

Dr Raghunadha Rao’s Cancer Centre at Vishakhapatnam

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