Curricula and Teaching Modules

Medical Council of India, in 2018, included palliative care in undergraduate medical education as part of its new AETCOM (Attitude, Ethics and Communication) module:

Dr Robert Twycross, teacher par excellence from Oxford, had mentored most of the first-generation palliative care physicians in India.
He has given free access to his book “Introducing Palliative Care” to readers from India.
Thank you, guruji, for this great gift.
If you are a resident of South Asia, you can click here to get an online copy of this book.

Following the declaration of India’s National Program on Palliative Care in November 2012, Pallium India’s WHO Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) at Trivandrum organized a national consultation of experts from all over the country and abroad in January 2013, with funding from WHO (India) and with assistance from Narottam Sekhsaria Foundation. This group of experts created an implementation framework for the national strategy.

One of the activities listed in this implementation framework was the creation of curricula for undergraduate medical and nursing courses.  With involvement of its sister-WHOCC in Calicut, Pallium India’s WHOCC at Trivandrum organized an experts’ group which met for a week at Trivandrum in May 2014. Subsequent work by the group led to the development of the curricula for MBBS and B.Sc Nursing courses. These have then been submitted to the Medical Council of India and Indian Nursing Council.

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  1. Nandini Vallath permalink
    November 16, 2018

    Thank you Pallium India for making each of the chapters available separately. This will definitely address the reader’s specific needs and increase readership.

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