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3-week lockdown tough challenge for palliative care patients

2020 March 30

“The three-week lockdown is going to hit hard the weak and vulnerable the most. While the government has announced special care for marginalized, one community set to face a tough challenge will be the palliative care patients.” Jisha Surya reports for The Times of India.

The TOI quotes Dr Rajagopal, Chairman of Pallium India: “We have around 1.7 lakh elders who are living alone. Loneliness is a huge burden. At the time of lockdown, volunteers must help in ensuring medicine and other essentials for such persons. A telephonic service to keep them engaged should be ensured.”

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RMIs and annual return of Essential Narcotic Drugs

2020 March 23

All Recognised Medical Institutions (RMIs) please note that you are obliged to file the annual return of consumption of opioids for the previous year in form no 3-I before 31 March.


Kuttikkoottam Summer Camp 2020 – Please donate

2020 March 16

(Photo from summer camp, 2016)

Pallium India is organizing ‘Kuttikkoottam Summer Camp’ for children aged 12 and above, on April 27, 28, 29 at Mitra Niketan City Centre, next to Arumana Hospital, Trivandrum. Engaging activities designed to impart knowledge and enhance creativity through fun and games, as well as personality development programs are part of this 3-day camp.

Pallium India currently supports the education of over 350 children. Many of them had been on the verge of dropping out of school, after their families were ravaged by illness or death, and they were financially destroyed. Thanks to constant support from our well-wishers, Pallium India has been able to keep their education uninterrupted, as much as possible.

Since 2011, every year Pallium India’s volunteers have been successfully conducting 3-day camps for these children, during their summer holidays, where they get to meet others from similar backgrounds and forget their troubles at least for a short while.

Please donate: To provide food, accommodation and gifts for the children, the estimated expense is ₹4000 per child. Please donate and help these children have a good time. No amount is too small.

To donate, please visit:

Contact: Babu Abraham 9746745502, Preetha 97467 45504. Email:

“Health issues” discusses palliative care in India in detail

2020 March 7

The following are among the 12 important questions answered in the article by Kerean Watts.

  • Palliative care is often a misunderstood field. Could you provide for our readers an insight into what palliative care is and clarify some of the misconceptions surrounding it?
  • How would you compare the state of palliative care in India with other countries?
  • What are the major challenges obstructing access to palliative care in India?
  • Why is palliative care so often overlooked in the public health discourse in India?

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DISHA- To find the right path

2020 February 28
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The Kerala Chapter of PMI (Project Management Institute) is guiding Pallium India’s alumni students (who were once receiving Pallium India’s education support) to make them more competitive and employable, and help them discover more opportunities in their relevant fields.

The first career guidance workshop by PMI was conducted in October 2019.

The second workshop of PMI was conducted at Pallium India on 23rd February 2020. This time we could bring in more number of our alumni students, and it was attended by 13 of them along with PMI volunteers, Pallium India volunteers and staff.

The forenoon session was taken by PMI volunteers – Mr. Sreejesh Varrier, Mr. Krishnakumar, Mr. Harikuttan, Mr. Jayakishore, Mr. Prageeth, Mr. Vyshak and Ms. Nimmy.

Mr. Sreejesh Varrier and Mr. Jayakishore gave a talk on how communications could be made effective and how well we can introduce ourselves. This was followed by a round of self-introduction by the students which was well coordinated by Mr. Prageeth, Mr. Vyshak and Ms. Nimmy. The students also spoke about a particular topic given to them which was recorded and shown back to them. PMI Members guided the students on how better the self-introduction could be made and added on relevant concerns after each talk.

The afternoon session was on “Skills for future” by Dr. Jaikiran from ASAP, Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala. The session included a group activity on promoting an innovative idea in which all the students have taken active part. Later, Dr. Jaikiran explained about the 10 core life skills laid down by WHO and about the success formula for future.

The students found the sessions informative as well as fun. They especially found their own videos of self-introduction interesting and were able to learn from each. Hoping to have such educational and recreational sessions in future from PMI.