Trivandrum – Palliative Medico Training program

“Education is the progressive discovery of our own ignorance,”

Will Durant.

Durant’s words are true for medical education too. With a curriculum that badly needs a thorough change, medicos are missing out on a lot of information needed by a doctor to survive in a world which is fast- changing, especially in its status of health. You may not realize the importance of pain management and palliative care until you come out of your college and start practicing medicine. As life expectancy shoots up, cancers and lifestyle diseases rampage; so do intractable pain and suffering. Do you feel equipped to manage them?

Pallium India, a WHO collaborating centre, is a pioneer and model for compassionate and high quality palliative care in India. Pallium India has been conducting various courses on pain and palliative care to doctors, nurses, volunteers and many others. From this year onwards, as part of the tenth anniversary celebrations, Pallium India has decided to reach out to medical students too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the relevance of this course?

Why is Pallium India conducting this course?

What are Pallium India’s credentials in conducting the course?

What are the courses offered?

Which courses are available this year?

Are the courses conducted at a convenient time?

Where are the courses conducted?

Is there a certificate?

Is there any fee concessions?


What is the relevance of this course?

The elite lifestyle of the rich as well as the unhealthy lifestyle of the poor has made our nation swarm with lifestyle diseases. We bear the huge burden of non-communicable diseases and related serious morbidities. Many with life threatening diseases and cancers are in excruciating pain. Many geriatric patients, paraplegics and other permanently bed-bound patients are in grave suffering.

Palliative care aims to give relief to these people. Every doctor needs to learn the basics. Pallium India is committed to helping you to acquire the skills to relieve people’s pain and needless suffering.

Why is Pallium India conducting this course?

We want you to enjoy pleasure of seeing cries turning to smiles; the satisfaction of relieving people’s pain and of improving their quality of life.

What are Pallium India’s credentials in conducting the course?

Everybody will check out the credibility and authenticity of somebody who offers courses. You too must.

  1. Pallium India is approved by WHO (World Health Organization); i.e. its training institute known as TIPS (Trivandrum institute of palliative sciences), where these courses are conducted, is a WHO (World Health Organization) collaborating centre.
  2. Dr. M. R. Rajagopal, who directs and teaches these courses, is a prominent figure and expert in pain and palliative care in India. New York Times has hailed him as the ‘Father of palliative care in India’.

What are the courses offered?

There are two types of courses Pallium India is implementing: inter-semester courses and intra-semester courses.

Inter-semester courses

Medicos don’t have significant semester breaks. So Pallium India has decided to conduct courses during the vacation time. Since vacations are available only after 1st year and final year MBBS, we are planning courses at that time; i.e. the courses are for prospective 2nd year MBBS students and prospective house surgeons.

Which courses are available this year?

Since this year’s program is our debut program and since the vacation of final year MBBS is fast approaching, we are planning to conduct only capsule courses this year. It will be of 3 days duration only.

Are the courses conducted at a convenient time?

As said earlier, the inter-semester courses will be conducted during vacation time. Ooops! Vacation time…? Don’t frame a thousand questions in mind. We have got the most convenient time for you. Yes; between the commencement of results and the beginning of next year’s classes. Pallium India intends to conduct the courses in accordance with world palliative day and Pallium India anniversary. Therefore, the course of prospective house surgeons will be conducted just before mid-October whereas the course of prospective 2nd years will be conducted just before mid-December.

*The schedule of mid-December course is subject to change depending on the date of declaration of results of 1st year MBBS exam of 2013.*

Are they conducted at an easily accessible place?

The inter-semester courses will be conducted in Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS) which is situated at VP XIII/80, Golden Hills, Venkode P.O., Vattappara, Thiruvananthapuram 695028. The intra-semester teaching will be conducted in Government Medical College, Trivandrum.

Will you get a certificate?

Yes; each and every participant who attends the course will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation’ by Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences, which is a WHO collaborating centre. Three students, who acquire the first three places in the evaluation conducted at the end of the course, will be awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

Are there any fee concessions?

Pallium India has decided to waive the entire course fee as well as the registration fee for all participants for this year’s course.


For questions and registration, kindly contact the course coordinator at or (+91) 8589998760.

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  1. PRASHOB K.V permalink
    October 25, 2013

    I am interested to join in this course. kindly inform the details to register

  2. Arvind Sharma permalink
    October 29, 2013

    Sir i want to join for 6 weeks CCPPM course. I want to know that can i do it from SGPGI lucknow. What will be the procedure to join it?Kindly reply. thanks

  3. dr raghu permalink
    January 29, 2014

    hi sir im a naturopath graduate .im fellow at brain centre ,nellore./
    im very much intrested to opt it
    kindly give me the details

  4. March 9, 2014

    Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for
    providing these details.

  5. April 11, 2014

    Excellent article. I’m facing many of these issues as well..

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