Jaipur – 6 weeks’ Certificate Course in Pain and Palliative Care for Doctors and Nurses


To enable participants to gain practical “hands-on” training in palliative care delivery supplemented by theoretical background.


BMCHRC, Jaipur

Course Schedule:

For the dates of the upcoming courses at Jaipur, please visit: http://palliumindia.org/courses/


M.B.B.S, permanent registration with medical council.

Working Hours:

All six weeks will be 6-day weeks. Work starts at 9.00 AM and finishes at 5.30 PM or till clinical work is completed, whichever is later.

The learning process:

The bulk of the learning process will be by the bedside, in the outpatient department, in the wards, and at patients’ homes. In addition to home visits, the participant will also attend some peripheral palliative care clinics in some outlying towns.

There will be one or two academic exercises every day – majority of the subjects will be covered in the form of interactive tutorials. Periodically the participant will be expected to make short presentations on some of the subjects as well as to present interesting reports of patients and problems.

All of palliative care cannot be covered in academic programs. The participant is encouraged to explore problems arising during clinical work and initiate academic discussions. We will provide enough flexibility with the academic program to encourage this.

At the beginning of the course, the participant will be given a copy of the book “Introducing palliative care” 4th ed (Robert Twycross). In addition there will be access to a departmental library and to PubMed and some other academic sites.

Log book:

The participant is required to keep a log book of at least five reports – studies of patients – to include initial evaluation, treatment plan and progress over the period studied.


The participant will be given at least one assignment per week. The participant is encouraged to use the library as well as internet to assist the process of doing the assignment. We expect that those who are not familiar with literature search using the internet will learn to do it during this course.


  1. Internal assessment.
  1. Final Exam -The Exam will be scheduled for the last day of the course.
  1. Feedback -Candidates will have an opportunity to provide feedback weekly and again at the end of the course. This feedback will be used to improve the course.

Registration Fees

The course fee will be US$500. (Candidates from within India can apply for a subsidized course fee of Rs. 5000 /-). The fee is to be paid in cash or by demand draft on acceptance to the course. Admission to the course can be guaranteed only on payment of the fee.


For more information on this course, please write to: palliumjaipur@gmail.com