About Pallium India



We refuse to look the other way.
We choose to hear the cry.
And to do what we can.

Pallium India is a national registered charitable trust formed in 2003 with the following vision and mission:




Palliative care involves improving quality of life of people with life-limiting or disabling diseases, by treating pain and other symptoms and by providing emotional, social and spiritual support. This is what we attempt to do in Pallium India’s flagship, Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS) in Trivandrum, Kerala. This includes rehabilitation of patients and families by helping them to earn a livelihood again and by ensuring that children in those families continue their education.

Elsewhere, Pallium India identifies committed individuals and institutions and support them to develop quality palliative care services.

Pallium India also works with Central and State Governments for

  • integrating palliative care into the Health Care System
  • facilitating palliative care education and
  • improving access to essential and affordable medicines like morphine and other opioids
  • conducting need-based research, and
  • disseminating information

This man is one of many in India who are facing terrible pain and isolation due to cancer, AIDS, paralysis, or other prolonged, debilitating diseases. No one should be left to face all of this without support and proper medical care:

  • Will I suffocate to death?
  • Will my children have to drop out of school?
  • Will my daughter ever get married?
  • My life is worthless!
  • Everyone has deserted me!
  • Why did God do this to me?

Pallium India is About

Allowing him to live with dignity… Putting life into his days… Supporting his family… Giving you an opportunity to help people like him.







Pallium India is a registered charitable trust.