Good news from Maulana and Thanal in Lakshadweep

2019 February 1
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(Maulana (in green) with fellow volunteers.)

Lakshadweep, the group of 36 islands with its exotic and sun-bathed beaches and lush green landscape, forms a Union Territory of India, off the Southwest coast of Kerala in the Arabian sea. Geographically isolated from mainland India, the island had no access to palliative care till Maulana, a man who could only be described as the essence of goodness, came on the scene. He visited Pallium India at Trivandrum, formed a registered charitable organization by name Thanal (meaning Shade), and in a few months, Dr Ali and Mr Kahfi (a nurse) underwent a six-week course in Pallium India’s Trivandrum Institute. In a year, we had the first palliative care unit in the island of Kavarati. And since then it has grown from strength to strength.

A few pieces of good news from Lakshadweep:

• The Lakshadweep administration has given an award of appreciation to Thanal (purse of Rs 100,000).
• The Lakshadweep Development Corporation Ltd has given a grant of one million Rupees out of its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Congratulations, Maulana and team. We shall look forward to hearing about your participation in the forthcoming Health Mela; we understand that Thanal has been granted a stall there to showcase its work. And Pallium India is indeed very proud to be your fellow-traveler.

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