Beware of Dubious Conferences

2018 May 15
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When Dr Adam Ruben received an email inviting him to speak at an international scientific conference in Dalian, China, he was overjoyed. He thought it would be a life-changing, career benefitting experience. Soon he realised that this was one of the many non-existent conferences that you pay to attend and finally would never happen.

In an article titled “Dubious conferences put the ‘pose’ in ‘symposium’”, Dr Reuben writes that it is not easy to “spot the difference between a real conference and a fake one” and that early career scientist might fall for this trap, thinking it might benefit them.

The “invited” speaker who has already paid a registration fee, would be informed that “oops!—the conference had been canceled for one reason or another, but darn it all, those registration fees just couldn’t be refunded.” A “predatory conference” can even attach your name and affiliation to itself, hoping to appeal to more attendees.

“Not all conferences are worthwhile,” Dr Reuben concludes, “But feel free to let invitations to speak at them boost your ego – even if they’re not legitimate, at least someone thinks you’re worth scamming.”

Thank you Dr Aju Mathew, for sharing this link. Dubious conferences put the ‘pose’ in ‘symposium

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