Can you help us update our palliative care directory?

2018 January 10

Our directory of palliative care centres throughout India has a very important function to perform. Every month, we get a large number of desperate questions from people in different parts of India, seeking help for their family members or friends or neighnours, asking for details about the palliative care centre nearest to them.

Many a time we find that our directory does not list any in that area; and we ask around among our contacts, to try to find one in the location.

In short, our directory is grossly inadequate. PLEASE HELP. Please help us by looking at the list of centres that are posted on our website, and check whether there are any palliative care centres that you know of, that we have missed.

You will be doing a lot of good to people who are suffering.

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  1. firuza Patel permalink
    February 1, 2018

    Please change the details of the Chandigarh Centre to

    Chandigarh Palliative Care Service
    Chandigarh Hospice,
    Municipal Dispensary Building
    Sector 44A

    Contact person
    Dr Firuza Patel
    Mobile +91 9779124440

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