TIPS ECHO sessions on Pain Management

2017 September 27

Sumitha T., Project Executive at Pallium India, writes:

Pallium India, through its Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences – Extension for Community Health Outcome (TIPS-ECHO) program, is now propagating the concepts of palliative care throughout the country along with the stories of human lives in dire need for pain relief and palliative care in the 21st century.

TIPS as the hub in the southernmost part of India and participants as spokes from all over the country.

In order to reach country’s 1.2 billion people, TIPS-ECHO was initiated under the mentorship of Dr. Nandini Vallath on 20th January 2017. ECHO was created by Dr. Sanjeev Arora from USA and this virtual learning is facilitated via “zoom” platform.

So far, we have conducted sessions on Treat That Pain, Methadone and Rehabilitation as an Essential Component of Pain Management. Psychological Aspects of Chronic Pain under the guidance of Dr. Chitra Venketesh started from 13th September 2017.

We are thankful to Dr. Arora, entire ECHO team in Delhi, Dr. Vidya Kumaraswamy for her brilliant coordination in the first sessions, all our faculty from India as well as abroad, our mentors and Dr. Sunilkumar, additional director of TIPS for helping us reach more as we believe that “learning is movement from moment to moment”.

Click here for TIPS-ECHO schedules.

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  1. Dr m v ramanamma permalink
    September 28, 2017

    Can i register for these lessons?i just gave my exam for NFPM in september 2017 and waiting for the result.

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