Meeting with Dr Ingo Ilja Michels

2015 April 30
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Dr Ingo Ilja MichelsPallium India had the privilege of having a meeting at the German Ministry of Health with Dr Ingo Ilja Michels, who heads the office of the Federal Drug Commissioner and who co-ordinates Central Asia Drug Action Program of Government of Germany. Dr Michels was deeply interested in the recent developments regarding opioid access in India. The meeting happened on a day when the German Cabinet had just taken a decision to pass a new “Palliative Care and Hospice Law”. This law, once passed by the Parliament, will increase the budgetary allocation for palliative care.

An important point that Dr Michels brought out was the issue of remuneration. In Germany, doctors with training in palliative care who were willing to go out into the community and see patients in their homes, are paid better than their colleagues who work only in hospitals. That sounds like a great example to follow.

We parted with an understanding to continue the correspondence and to discuss plans for the future.

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