December 2010 Issue of Sahayatra Malayalam Newsletter

2011 January 16

We are happy to announce that the December 2010 issue of SAHAYATRA, our monthly Malayalam newsletter, is now available for download here…

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  1. maya permalink
    February 3, 2011

    yet another unique edition of sahayatra…The first article “What right do we have to question?” is a very relevant one and should be seriously debated upon by all those involved in palliative care. From personal experience i feel that the ‘touch’ factor is very important..When i was admitted in hospital once for a very minor surgery i was dazed by the sight of the operation theatre and to add to the tension there were all males dressed up in army uniform around me….i still can feel the touch of the doctor on my arm re-assuring me which finally put me to ease…this may be a different perspective of touch different from that mentioned in the article but still i feel that it was that reassuring touch from that army doctor that made my day eventhough it was a very unpleasant one for me…..kudos to the whole team involved in palliative care….godbless them all….

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